About Me

Hello, my name is Casi, and this is my little slice of the world wide web... welcome!

Please visit my separate wedding photography site if that's what you need!

The great outdoors is my favorite environment.  Especially if we're talking horses, seniors, or chic country weddings!

I love all things green and shamrock or even slightly related to St. Patrick's Day, which just happens to be my birthday.

My mission is to create heirloom photography artwork that is part of your life, whether hanging on the walls, or enjoyed in a beautiful album; not just collecting dust in a digital drawer.

I am a sweet-candid-moment junkie and love special touches that personalize a portrait session and make it all about you.  I love photographing people who approach their life and relationships with lots of love, lots of fun, and a big sense of adventure.

I have accomplished many wonderful things in my career; contest wins, nation wide travel, publication of a children's book, multiple magazine covers, fashion magazine editorials, wedding blog features, photos in all kinds of publications, and even plastered on a huge horse trailer (8 foot tall pictures!).

Pretty sure it's my mother's fault that I love anything sequined or sparkly.  She is also the reason I am who I am... she inspires me every day.

The horse addiction is definitely her fault!

Me me me... ugh!  ;-)

in no particular order

  • iced coffee
  • my munchkins
  • antiquing for old treasures
  • horseback riding
  • tattoos
  • hotel stays
  • boots
  • chocolate
  • being an auntie
  • zombies
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