what is a bridal portrait session? { green bay wedding photographer }

I get this question at my wedding consultations since this is something I offer with my wedding photography collections, but a lot of young brides aren't quite sure exactly what a bridal session entails.  It's not as commonplace as it once was since engagement sessions have become the top priority for pre-wedding imagery.

You certainly don't have to have a bridal session... but you know... they're just pretty and so much more relaxed than you will be on your big day when the tummy butterflies are just flapping away.  :)

These images are an example of a short bridal session we did in my studio, nothing complicated or stressful.  Just you, in your dress, looking and feeling beautiful.  Something to think about if you are really in love with your wedding gown or just need a self-esteem booster before your wedding day.

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