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I hear stories over and over again of clients who’ve taken images of themselves or had a quick, inexpensive session with a photographer and left only with digital images. Photographs aren’t meant to lurk forever on a hard drive; they’re meant to be printed, displayed, touched, and shared. I’ve designed my sessions and packages to ensure that you will end up with stunningly beautiful, last-a-lifetime physical pieces that become family treasures. The products I offer are painstakingly selected from print labs that only sell to professional photographers, ensuring a level of quality you won’t find with consumer-grade print houses. I lovingly hand-retouch each image before it goes to print, sometimes spending hours on perfecting the crop, color quality, and removing any blemishes that might become apparent when the photograph is printed in large format. Your end result is not a gallery of digital images; it’s an album, a canvas, a print - tactile artwork for your home.

WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR SESSION: Please bring clothing and accessories as needed.  You can arrive and get your children dressed at the session if you are worried about them getting messy on the way. Please also bring chap-stick or lip gloss for children (helps with chapped lips, they are very hard to Photoshop).  To be extra prepared, bring snacks & a favorite toy to comfort them if they are feeling overwhelmed at the session.

DURING THE SESSION: Children are UNPREDICTABLE... so, it is my job to be ready for anything!  A lot of times parents get frustrated because sessions don’t seem to be going perfect... but the wonderful thing is that those small moments in between all the tantrums & chaos that are beautiful. People often ask me how I even managed to get one great photograph of their wild child!  The answer is simple... I shoot like crazy and it’s my job to capture it all!  So... the only job I give you as the parents is to relax & enjoy it! I will do all the hard work! I will give a lot of direction during the session so you will know exactly what to do. Children match your energy, so if you are having fun & showing them how much you love them they will show you the same in return. Sounds simple, right?
Well, once in a while there are children that for whatever reason, do not want to be photographed, so.... 
       If this is the case for your child I may ask to photograph him or her away from the parents so they will just focus on me and my lame jokes. It usually works! They don’t know me & usually children are on their best behavior for others! This is very important in making your session run smoothly.

INDIVIDUALS:  I recommend wearing something more bold and colorful with a lot of texture to show off personality. This is an opportunity for your child! I usually recommend bare feet for indoors and boots or shoes that compliment their outfit for outside.  I recommend clothing that has texture, such as;  knitting, embroidery, dark faded denim, buttons, and ruffles.  This type of clothing tends to photograph well and adds a lot of visual interest.  Bring double what you think you'll need, this way, we'll have choices, if clothing adjustments are needed.

SIBLINGS:  It can be difficult to coordinate colors and not look too matchy.  I recommend picking a few colors, but try not to put them in the same exact clothing. The more layers, textures and colors, the better. Just pick colors that compliment each other. I recommend bright or deep colors (jewel tones like mustard yellow, deep purple, turquoise, dark pink, etc.) and try to stay away from all white.  I do recommend investing in your child's clothing for the session since it does make a huge difference in the final product. Search out local or online boutiques, they have one of a kind style.

FAMILIES:  Choose a style you love and a few colors you like as well.  I recommend having the parents dress fashionable, yet simple and focus more of the funky, unique style on the kids. If you have 5 people all dressing with a lot of layers and accessories it can be too much.  Dark jeans that have a grit to them is always a great choice for the parents or especially the husband. Choose complimentary colors in the same set of color tones (pastels, earth tones, darks, lights, brights etc.,) and reflect a similar style whether casual, elegant, or trendy. If the weather is appropriate, bring layers and accessories, such as jackets, sunglasses scarves and non-rimmed hats. 

Fur babies are always a blast to photograph and I promise you this: we're going to have a fun time capturing your sweet ones on camera. Depending on your pet's comfort level, we can shoot at my studio, or we can take it outdoors and shoot at a nearby park or urban location.

My goal when taking pet portraits is to get some handsome shots of your pet as well as interactive photographs of you together, if desired. These pictures make great holiday cards. 

Beautiful collars, toys, and props can add a lot of personality to your session and help to tell the story of your beloved pet. Leather, brightly colored classic toys (such as red balls, rope toys, tennis balls for larger dogs, and bone-shaped treats), sparkly name tags, and cute accessories look great on camera.

FOR DOGS:  Although the doggy may disagree, grooming your pooch the day before the shoot helps Fido to look his finest. If this isn’t a regular event for your four-footed friend, it may seem like a daunting task - but fear not! Getting your puppy clean can be fun for both of you.

A tired pet is a behaved pet, so make sure to take pooch for a walk or let him out for a good romp before the session. It’s also a good idea to feed Fido less at least a few hours before the shoot to help keep energy levels manageable and encourage good behavior! When a dog is a little hungry, they will be more inclined to behave for treats.

A lifetime with horses and years of experience in photography have given me the skills and knowledge to capture your horse's character and get those special photos for personal memories, advertising, websites, stallion promotions, and anything you need photos for.  My photography career started with horses and will always be the most intriguing and satisfying way for me to combine two of my passions.  My equine imagery has been featured on magazine covers, State Line Tack and Back in the Saddle catalog covers, a wedding magazine editorial, numerous advertisements, greeting cards, and the best children's board book ever created: Busy Horsies.  I also sell fine art prints of my horse photography, which are popular holiday gifts for horse lovers.

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