learning lighting pt. 1 { casi lea photography shooting with all-star studios }

I had the honor of being chosen to receive a 4 hour lighting session from portrait photographer Aaron Lindemann of All-Star Studios.  If that isn't awesome enough... Nicole Jolly came along to model for us!  I love my job... this is continuing education.

We went through several different lighting set-ups that he uses a lot and talked about different ways to make the lighting really work for your subject and the image as a whole.

Time flew by too fast though, I didn't want it to be over.  I am a sponge soaking up all the knowledge.  :)

Here is a series of images from our first set, I love how they look, thanks for sharing your skills with me Aaron!  You really helped me connect the dots.

Aaron started by setting up his beauty dish just out of frame, Nicole is well in front of a white seamless backdrop.  Settings:  1/125 f/9 ISO 160

Same settings... but look at that smile!

Same settings again... but Aaron set up another light, this one with an umbrella, to give us a soft hair light and a bit of fill.

This one is the same again, except we have another flash (bare) right behind Nicole, pointing at the backdrop.

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