learning lighting pt. 4 { casi lea photography with all-star studios }

This fourth and final set... well I am just madly in love with it right now.  I asked Aaron to show me a lighting scenario for a moody look.  There is one light with the beauty dish on, just outside the frame to light Nicole's face, actually, it was in the corner of the shot in the first three images.  That gave us that beautiful directional light.  One light off to the right with an umbrella, turned down low for just a touch of fill, and that nice highlight in her hair.  Then Aaron set one light just behind Nicole and angled it up to just graze along the backdrop.  I love the look.  For the full length images we have the two lights with umbrellas on the right, and one for fill on the left.  Pretty fabulous.  :) 

Thank you so much to Aaron from All-Star Studios for this lighting session, I cannot wait to put everything I learned into practice and mix it up with my shooting style.  And thanks to Nicole Jolly for coming along and giving us something beautiful to photograph.  :)

Casi Lea Photography

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